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WaterLase Dental Technology

The drill works with friction, which causes heat and triggers pain. As a patient, drills require anesthetic and numb lips, and the possibility of other damage. WaterLase uses a powerful interaction of patented laser wavelengths and proprietary water / air spray that cuts, etches and shapes target tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure. WaterLase is also highly effective for gums, skin, bone – more precise and less bleeding than a scalpel. So, no anesthetic or numb lips during or after your dentist visit. This means we can perform multiple procedures during your visit, rather than multiple appointments that require you to miss additional work or school. Learn more about the benefits of WaterLase dental technology...
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Cone Beam CT Scans

Cone Beam CT scans are quick and easy to perform at our office in Madison. During the scan, you stand or sits in the designated area. The scanner beams are used to take thousands of pictures of the face and jaw. These images are used to compile an exact 3D image of the inner mechanisms of the face and jaw. As a result, we're able to zoom in on specific areas and view them from alternate angles with great precision.
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3Shape TRIOS3 for Cosmetic Dentistry

The TRIOS 3 makes scanning fast and easy. The camera and HD photos enhance details and accurately set margins. With RealColorTM scans, we can create high quality digital impressions in lifelike colors to match shade measurements while we scan. There's no need more manual impressions or expensive materials. TRIOS 3 is smart technology that ensures superior quality of both impression and preparation while you're in the chair.
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